The curious and charming apartment is located in Rome at Ponte Testaccio, the bridge over the Tiber that connects the Monte dei Cocci of Testaccio with the Trastevere district, close to the most famous Sunday market in the capital, Porta Portese. Here you can find everything: from vintage clothes to serving meals a bit  chipped, from chandeliers to knickknacks.



Do It Yourself: 16 ideas

Appia Bike Tours

The Appian Way, or la Via Appia Antica, is the first long-distance road constructed by the Roman Empire intended for military use.

It originally stretched around 350 miles from Rome to the south of Italy where the Adriatic port town of Brindisi provides sea access to Greece.
You can walk around or ride a bicycle through ancient tombs, towers and cisterns sometimes bumping on the ancient paving but totally amazed.


The Appia Antica Bicycle rental is open everyday: Monday-Friday 9.30 am - 1 pm and 2 pm - 6.00 pm; Saturday and Sunday 9.30 am - 6.00 pm.


Cecilia Cooking Class

Do you like Italian food but you’re not very talented at preparing it?

Do you want a few more ideas and tips in the kitchen?

You are in the right place because food is an incredibly important part of the Italian culture. 

Cecilia,The Kitchen Witch, will teach you some secrets of the most important Roman recipes and more and more... 



 Museum Testaccio

MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome is specialised in Italian contemporary art from the 1960s onwards.
Macro branch of Testaccio is located in the same complex that was a slaughterhouse during the 19th century, in a neighborhood that has begun, in recent years, to stand out for the richness and variety of its cultural and artistic events, mainly targeted to young people.


Street Food at Testaccio

At Testaccio Food Market  you can enjoy not only regional specialities snacks and street food but also real chef's such Cristina Bowerman.
The most famous benches are Cup for roman cuisine, Mordi e vai for the best sandwich,
Dess’art for desserts.


The Testaccio market is open from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 4 pm. There are three entrances: via Galvani, via B. Franklin, via A. Manuzio.


Acatholic Cemetery

at Porta S. Paolo

Rome's Non-Catholic Cemetery contains possibly the highest density of famous and important graves anywhere in the world. It is the final resting-place of the poets Shelley and Keats, of many painters, sculptors and authors, a number of scholars, several diplomats, Goethe's only son, and Antonio Gramsci, a founding father of European Communism, to name only a few.


Restyling Course with the Host

Take a monographic class of restyling of a chair with Federica Raddi.

A class for beginners to relining an upholstered chair or a small armchair.

First step: the vision of the chair, choose the fabric, calculate how much fabric and trimmings we need. 
Second step: removing the old materials from the chair.
Third step: consolidating 
Fourth step: stuffing and put on the chair. Finally it finishes with trimmings.


You can also book guided tours of Porta Portese market (every Sunday morning) where you can buy the chair or other furnitures that will be restyled during the class.


Centrale Montemartini Museum

Set in Rome’s first public electrical power plant, the Centrale Montemartini Museum presents marble statues from the Capitoline Collection set against the backdrop of preserve turbines, diesel engines and steam boilers to create one of the most thought-provoking museum spaces Rome has to offer. 

Open from Tuesday to Sunday 9 am to 7pm (closed Monday).



ice cream

experience at La Romana

Since 1947 their gelato embodies tradition, research, innovation and emotion.
By carefully selecting the best ingredients, every day they prepare a gelato that would make children smile and reach the heart of everyone who eat it.

La Romana is fortunately for us located in via Ostiense 48.




Tram n.3 Tour

Rarely considered in Rome, we reccomend you a tour on tram n.3 because it cross almost all the city. Along the route you can visit many famous monuments: The Basilica of St., Lawrence Outside the Walls; The Basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme;The Basilica of St. John Lateran; The Lateran Palace; The Basilica of San Clemente;The Basilica of Saints John and Paul; The church of Santo Stefano Rotondo al Celio; The Basilica of Santa Maria in Domnica;The Pyramid.

Buy the ordinary ticket (1.50 euros) and spend half day for the tour!


Aventino Urban Walking

Leaving Trastevere cross the river and climb through Clivo di Rocca Savella up to Aventino, one of the original seven hills of Rome.

Aventino is well-known for extensive views across the Tiber as far as St. Peter Church and over to historic Rome and also because is a romantic and quiet destination.

You can visit Parco Savello with towering plane trees, Basilica di Santa Sabina and the view through a door keyhole that takes in three countries. The door is on the property of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the second being Rome, Italy, and finally the recognised independent State of the Vatican City.

Look through the keyhole of the green door for the surprise!


Street Art

at Ostiense

The Ostiense neighborhood is a modern and trendy district where contemporary art is condensed with public art and street art; it holds more than thirty large public works and therefore has successfully embedded itself as part of the city’s cultural tourism. 

Via del Porto Fluviale is the core of Ostiense’s colourful revolution of (street) art and you can start from here to make the tour.
All around you can see artworks made by Blu, Lucamaleonte, Hitnes. Iacurci, JB Rock, SAM3 and many others.


Eating and Shopping at Eataly

Eat and have food shopping in Via Pellegrino Matteucci to Eataly, an upmarket gourmet department store of sorts, opened in June 2012 in an abandoned airterminal building.  

Eataly’s brand was born by aggregating a number of small companies operating in the food and wine compartment. 

​Eataly has been able to offer the best artisan products at reasonable prices by creating a direct relation between producers and distributors, and focusing on sustainability, responsibility and sharing.

When you enter in the building escalators ply the floors which hosting a lot of gourmet supermarkets, 18 restaurants, craft breweries and pre-bottled or bottle your own wine. 


Domus Multimedia Museum

We suggest a visit to the fascinating remains of patrician "Domus" (house) of imperial Rome beneath Palazzo Valentini, belonging to powerful families, with mosaics, wall decorations, polychrome floors, paving blocks.
A team of art historians, archaeologists and architects have worked on a project to research, restore and put these excavations on public display. They also recreated the past with virtual reconstructions, graphics and videos. 


Vintage Scooter Tour

A guide accompanies guests in this exciting adventure, taking them round the historic centre of Rome and other attractive artistic centres, visiting the most famous locations, monuments and picturesque quarters. The Vespas, driven by experienced drivers, give passengers a feeling of complete safety for a true “Roman holiday”, exactly as in the 1953 film with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.


The Company can also provide modern automatic Vespas on request, giving guests the possibility of driving themselves with a passenger. 


Fori Imperiali by Night

Imperial Forum is certainly one of the most famous archeological and historical area and at the same time fascinating worldwide.

You can see remains, portions and fragments seen as a whole still manage to give the impression of grandeur and importance that had for so many centuries this area. Forum of Caesar, Forum of Augustus, Peace Forum and the Basilica of Maxentius, church of SS. Cosmas and Damian and the Torre dei Conti, at the end of Via Cavour, not to mention the lit Colosseum, Trajan's Column and Trajan's Forum.

We suggest to walk in via dei Fori Imperiali by night because is spectacular. 


Rome and Tiber

Tiber, over 400 km long, is Roman's river and one of the most romantic places of the city. 
Walk at night along the tree-lined avenue called Lungotevere or during the day along the banks along the river or more you can choose to make different itineraries by boat.

Yuo can start from Ponte Testaccio or Ponte dell'Industria (near the b&b) you can walk towards north and reach Rome and his historical centre or you go to the other direction and you arrive to San Paolo's church and from there by boat to Ostia.


Nowadays, Trastevere maintains its character thanks to its narrow cobbled streets lined by ancient houses.

At night, natives and tourists alike flock to its many pubs and restaurants, but much of the original character of Trastevere remains.

Testaccio deriving its name from Monte Testaccio. In antiquity, much of the Tiber River trade took place here, and the remains of broken clay vessels (amphorae) were stacked creating the artificial. In modern times, the area has been a center of activity for butchers, but now has changed its reputation from hard-at-work to "hipster". The neighborhood is home to several of Rome's culinary highlights.

 Near Restyling Home you can drink a good espresso and eat a good cornetto (croissant) in a friendly atmosphere at Dolce Bar, via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese 61 or you can also taste maritozzo (delightfully sticky sweet Roman buns with whipped cream) at Maritozzo Bar in via Ettore Rolli 50. Later on you can walk over the bridge and have lunch in Testaccio market or try a Trapizzino (triangular pizza bread filled with recipe of roman cuisine) in via Giovanni Branca 98. Not far from that spot you can have the best tiramisù of Rome at Pompi Cafe, via Galvani 89. For your dinner try typical roman cuisine at Bruno alla Tavernaccia, via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese 63. 
For sports enthusiasts, Restyling Home is next to Tiber banks where you can run or ride a bicycle or walk without destination

but with an amazing landscape.

Porta Portese



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